Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Mid-Term in SESERI?

It make wanna say Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh
Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh OhMyGosh! HAHA, mhm my result? Damn, they still sent my result to my dad? OMG, and my dad said to Shasha not bad, yeah for god sake I can study. But that still not enough for me, mhm. Now, am just cant wait to know my result later, Wish me GoodLuck, and I will let you guys know my result later. Grr, fear of madness right now. Sob sob ='=

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Dania Marsilla Again ♥

" And many-many more sweetheart.even if i try to look 4 ur replacement,no 1 is gud feels different,as if there is something missing in my everyday life.and i know some of the missing item is u.ive cried in laughter remembering our memories.
as long as we still love and remember each other,we'll be together again soon!i love u much,BFF! "

I know that no one can replace me. Even you or Arisyah. No one can replace you guys. I always remember you guys. Love you guys so much ♥♥♥

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Dania Marsilla ♥

"babe.i know these few days ive been calling u alot...i told u i miss u and all,but i just dont feel like u know how much i miss u.10 things i miss the most about u is:
2.the way u laugh and try to cover ur braces when u smile,

3.those stupid fights which starts with tears and ends with laughter in class.,
4.the way ...we use 2 walk in sunny and rainy day back to ur place.,

5.i miss d way i'd look at u ant thinki of how beautiful u are..,

6.snapping and memorising pix of u and amai as d perfect couple., u teach me maths eventhought i was not even paying any attention sumtimes.,

8.late nite dinners with ur family.,

9.waiting unpatiently at school for u to arrive.,

10.our lunch at school together. "

Awwww, so sweet. I love you too babe, I really miss no. 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 an mostly no. 10. Please let time past so fast!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Why is this happening again?!

" I can see there's a gap btween us now and i dont want it to become bigger. I want to own you like i used to, please i dont wanna fight about this shit again. Take a look at my every single action when its about to meet you, i always find a way right?. But now, i didnt even see a way anymore and i want you to take your turn to find at least a single way to try to meet me. I feel like we've been apart for way too long, i dont want us to end up like camy and i did. Yes this have something to do with you and amai. Im sorry maybe im too emo but i guess its about time to let you realise about this. I love you way too much bestfriend."

My dear,
Babe, sorry if you felt that. I didnt mean to do so. But you must think positive, ever I complain anything since I am 8 years old? The way you keep on asking me to come over your house and so on? No right? So please ok, think positive. I have another life too, and I hope you will understand my situation. This year is a fucking year for me, I just cant adapt to it. I need a lot of time. Every people is changing, and what keeps them not changing is their loves on the people they really loves. If you trust me that I love you, so I am still me, you still own me like you used too. And can you imagine what I feel when I received those words when I was having my AddMath class at the LabComp, and on the same time I was having my monthly period? Its hurt me a lot but as a true and bestfriends, I always forgiving you just need some time. Dont let this small shit source of our friendship to stop like you and Camy's friendship. If you are my bestfriend, this shit will never occur in your mind. But what can I say, people is not perfect. I just love you so much. No one can replace you NAA ♥ ♥

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Friday, July 23, 2010

Button and Handcraft Time

Oh yeah, Central Market time. Wohooshh! Guys, the button is done and it is save with me. Dont worry about it ok? The gifts for the Form5 is also done too. It is super fantastic like Awesome. I want to do it too. Seriously Jealous here. Gahh, next year lah. Will ask A to support me or treat me, HAHA. Well, am playing snooker in Wangsa Maju. At night will hangout with my other mates after Shasha's tuition class. Just a tuition, HAHA. Hey K, GET A LIFE! LITTLE SELF-CONCIOUS LAH LOSER! You know I mean it to you, good for you! Thats all for now. Thankyou for reading :D

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, at school, I had my oral test. HAHA, funny wosch! Then, in the afternoon, I went to the dentist to repair my ritena, hope to spell it correct. HAHA, Now, am playing snooker in WangsaMaju. With A and Hafiz. I enjoyed it so much cause look like Im the luckiest girl in this situation cause I won at last! HAHA, I wished! Nahh, just having around and let my stress out. A is helping me out with Chemistry Notes. Thankyou so much. What a tired day after all. Now, am doing nothing just jumping and running around. Tomorrow is MathMode test. Wish me luck, I wanna go to the lab comp! Sob sob, well till here I guess.

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

My A ♥ sorry for being arrogant

Yesterday, 21st of July 2010. Something happend to me and him. God why am I so Evil to him? and why I did that to him? Just because of a book? I am so stupid. Mhm, I wish i could turn the time again. So that yesterday was just a happy day for me and him. How could I kicked him, slapped him and etc *which I cant tell* ? My mom never teach me to did so. This was all cause of my bad-tempered. I just cant controlled it. Dear A ♥, Im so sorry. A thousands of apologize I owe to you. Sorry caused ur face to bruise. I will try to never do it again, thanks for realised me of my badness. I'll try to change ok? I just dont want to let you go. Hard for me and Im scared. Take care of me please, and thank for being too kind to me ;D * xoxo

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Friday, July 16, 2010

11072010 Rock That Ass

Ok, on this date my sister, her boyf, my love and I went to Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch the Wow! * padahal Cheerleading Competition :D Well, not that bad. Atleast, it is still entertained us. Congrats Cyrens ! At 3pm somethng I guess, I met this 'perasan' buddy named AfizDanial. HAHA, jgn marah ye Afiz, AHHA. He's not bad actually, in the FB, he looks not that good. AHAH, but in the reality he is babyh! But dont get this wrong ok? We're just friend. Closefriends lah. He's still single and searching for a woman. HHA, want to know him? Roger2 me ok? Enough bout him. Here comes to my story. Shasha and Hafiz on that day like seriously in love. HAHA, but they cant compete Amai and me. AHAH, we're still in love. 'Korang baru je couple en? Aku and Amai dh lama lah.' Acehhh, a bit show-Off here! The CheerComp seriously not so cool like those years. But what can I do, just enjoy what they performed lah =''= erm, after that we went to Keramat to have our tea. Hungry lahhh, HAHA. Quite cheap and worth lah :D At night, Onne came to our house and lepak lepaking with us. HAHA, serious he changed a lot. bapak keding doh. Ambil Ganja apa?! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh ! he more funnier than we know him as usual. Its funny to spent our time with him on that day when he read out loud the paper. HAHA, its a big secret between Hafiz, Amai, me and Onne. Ok then its getting late already and Amai had to blast-off to his house. Mummy little boy :DD At 9pm Onne and Hafiz bbye me and Shasha. Shasha started to tears. AHHA, cause her beloved comel comel boyf had to bbye her, sob sob. * kalau korg prcaya mmg bodoh! AHAH, but she started to miss him already :D Well, i think thats all for now. Later I will, post a new blog today. going off to KL. what a tired weekend I had but enjoyed me. AHA, byeee love you guys xoxo. SHOW YOUR ASS OFF BABYH!

With Love,

Saturday, July 10, 2010



Today is Mama's day. Happy Birthday Mama. You've been the rockest mother in the world. HAHA. Happy 45 years ladyh :DD Well, I slept late yesterday, cant sleep well cause aint sleepy :D so online the FB and talk talk with the humans. Mhm,then bout 4am in the morning I zzzz. Suddenly I woke up when my boyf called me. Haish, what a tired day lah. In the afternoon, I went to SESERI to attend the carnival. Oh gosh, I miss my friends so much. AHHA, HAPPY GILAA! But some of them are totally different and I hate it. Sorry no picture to share with you guys. Mhm,after that went to Great Eastern to buy something for my mom but I dont have enough money to buy. So I decided to buy a card. A BIG WISHING CARD. AHA, will give to her tonight. Chocos and presents too :D, hope she likes it. Now, am doing this blog and my folios. Grr, stupid folio. Give me a burden D: So am really focusing on this folio and quite busy. Maybe will post other blogs later. I mean when I am free, totally free. Thats all for now, with that and thankyou.

Lots of love,
Nikki Zamri