Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking a nap in the nature

Goodnight 31.12.2010, Hello 1.1.2011

Hey Aie. Thanks for introducing me what is the beatBox.

Meet Felix Zenger
And now, I'm addicted to do the beatbox. AHHA, wait until I master doing it. Just wait! xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

This is Awesome

I wished I could do this

With Love,
Nikki Zamri


Yeayyyyyy, I'll be a senior of SEMINDA on 3rd January 2011. AHHA, beware juniors! I'll haunt chu down, hihi. Hahhhh, just cant wait to coming back to school and be a freak geek. Facing the books and the course. I just need to double up or maybe tripple up my effort! I dont care bout my joyful moment. I need to sacrifice all of that stuff to achieve my dreams. But hey, that will be no more fun right? So what the hell. Let I decide what is the best for myself. I want to enjoy my last year while being a freak geek. I just wanna handle everything in my own way. Seeya school. BRING IT ON! Yeahhhhhhhhhh xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

I'm putting myself into trouble. Great starting for 2011

I'm flashing-back my memories. Well, now officially we're just friends. And yeahhh, I'm taken for sure and I love him ok? You just a piece of old times and yeah the best conclusion is we will just be a good friends ok? Hihi, settle :D
With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Happy Anniversary A♥

"Baby, Happy anniversary sayang, hny love baby so much sayang! Hny promise takkan tinggalkan baby and sayang, igt tau, i love you so much manja! :* forever tau sayang! And Happy New Year my sayang!"
Hny, I love you so much too. Happy Anniversary for the 31st months. Please dont go away eventhough I ask you to do so ok? This new year is a new journey again for us. I'm watching the fireworks here, and wanna cry. I love you so much hny, InsyaAllah forever kay xx
With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Hey People of the World

Happy New Year People of The World. How time flies so fast right? I just realised that yesterday is just my birthday and now, 1.1.2011. DAMN -'- ‎2010 is now officially is a memory for me. 2011 is now officially a new journey for me. GoodBye 2010, Welcome 2011 ♥ The war just begin for me. BRING IT ON!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Happy New Year Peeps!

Click On it!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gonna take a chill pill sweetie

Hey don’t get it wrong ok? It means that I’m off to bed now. Having my sweetdream now. Thanks fer reading up my blog babyh. Love you mwah xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

He off to Pinang, holiday with his family. Leave me behind

Hey handsome. I miss you already, come home soon. I wanna hug you so badly. I need your help for certain situation. I love you so much :-*
With Love,
Nikki Zamri


The hero was super duper cute. A bit like Zac Efron. The girls are just like us, high school life!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

I think I lost in my pathway of life

I just felt nothing in this world

My life, full with black and white memories. I just want to color up my life, but I just don't know how. Sometimes, there is a color in my life, but then it tends to decolorised. I need something to fulfilled my wish. BOREDOM is just a word, no need to fight with it.

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

I am a Mysterious Teenager

Dont pretend that you know me well, cause you aren't. Dont pretend that I know you well cause I'm not

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

we are Infinite

This was horrible, I get my new nickname duhh -'-

This is what pandas do when you're not looking, THEY TURN INTO ME.

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Check this out! Yummmyyyyy, ferking delicious!

Call me Miss Eater Lover. And Yeahhhh, I love to eat! Dont change me, let I change for myself! Back-off and S-T-F-U please xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Hey Holiday, Thank you for made my day

And the true comes out! This is my routine for the holidays, cause I slept so late and I just cant slept well, so in the day, I slept! And cant do any routine, whatthafakk?!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Hey, I did a Yoga, unbelievable!

Ok, Mama bought this 14 days challenge Fitness cereal. And there was a CD title BodyBalance. Well sort of Yoga lah! And I was too excited to do it. So I woke up early and do the Yoga pose! FAKKKKKK! It was damn hard, I thought it was easy enough to control all the movemont but it's just not! I'm sweating all over the body, from head-to-toe! HAHA, but I'm proud to do it well and finished the challenge. And I gained some idea/technique to loose some weight, and even to build up my six pax! AHHA, Im proud of myself, thank you ALLAH xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

I just need a chill surrounding

Meet Shayne Lahl Lamas. The Bachelor 12 winner

I adore her nowadays, she's superb adorable! Congrats Shayne. May you'll be forever with Matt Grant. I love you star!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Reunion with Dania, Masturah, Hidayah and Iqin ♥

Ok I don’t remember what day and date is it, but yahhh Dania made a plan to gather us at Yaya’s house. Since she cant make it on Saturday, we came to Yaya’s house for all of us. Hihi, well we went to McD and ate quite lot though, HAHA. Well, I’m a eater lover, what can I said. That’s why I gained weight now. So what? I’m happy just the way I am right? So zip-up your mouth please :D That’s not the fun part! You wanna know, HAHA. I cant even forget it! HAHA We went to McD by Taxi. Well that day, there were 6 of us (include Shasha-my sister) AHHA, at first Dania was forcing us to go A.Point but Mas, Iqin and I refused it. Dania didn’t care bout us so she called taxi and ask for two taxi. We yelled at each other cause of that, but what-to-do, its already late to cancel the called cause the first taxi just arrived. Hihi, we’re surprised cause why there was only 1 taxi. So guess what?! We had to took the taxi! And filled ourselves in that small taxi! Imagine the Proton Saga taxi and 6 passengers. Don’t you feel funny and torturing? Goshhh, I swear to Allah I’m gonna kill you Dania! HAHA. Then we arrived at McD and enjoyed ourselves. And imagine on our way back to Yaya’s house (luckily Dania went home early cause she need to prepare herself to Medan), Mas’s brother sent us. And again, we need to himpit-himpit ourselves. Luckily Mas and Yaya are thin, Iqin is small. Just me and Shasha comfort ourselves. Very well comfort! Hihi, that’s all guys! xx

With Love,

Nikki Zamri

The Holidays

Ok, the first week of holidays. It was damn bored man! And I was like a hobbit lived in the house. Dont know what am I supposed to do. So I went out with my beloved guy to KL. We hung there like we own the world. But hey, who the fuck cares? HAHA, we went home at 8pm something and yet I enjoyed my day, Fab-LANEEEE! xx

With Love,

Nikki Zamri

Well, I'm back! Im so sorry guys

Hello readers! Meet my Lotso 'O' Hugging. Hihi and Mr.Pinky Winky. I just feeling so fresh right now. Cause it have been so long I left the blogspot. Sorry so much guys. Well, dont need to worry cause I have lot of story to tell chu guys. Aww, just cant wait, xx.

With Love,

Nikki Zamri

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tomorrow I'll try to update the blog.

Sorry for the boring month. HAHA, I have no idea to write man. Maybe cause Im too lazy to write. AHHA, will see tomorrow ok. Loveyou followers xoxo

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

Thursday Celebrating Birthday Girl Day!

I dont know why was Shasha doing this bulldog face. HAHA

30 months and still counting xo

Hihi, I got this candy as my present from him.

To good to be truth, she is taller than me

Sakainessssss -'-

We're happy liddat!

We're cool liddat and lerf ich ader liddat

Merry Christmas yaww, My day cheers by the Christmast season

1 2 3 i love you, Dania style!

Boleh tak senyum je cmni honey?

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Semoga perjalanan hidup kami selamat!

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

2nd December 2010

Yayyyyyyyyyy! My birthday babyyyy, Awwwwww. Everybody are wishing for me. Well let see, who wish for me :

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Baby happy birthday sayang. Hny love baby so much sayang! Hny wish awal2 cz takut hny tertidur sayang. Muahhhhhh muahhhhhh.

*al-maklumlah budak SPM ada paper sc kan kena tidur awl, hihi

Izzat Amir:
Happy Birthday to you

Afiqah Baharin:

nikki ♥
happy 'becoming' birthdayyyyyyyy. enjoy ur life. HAHA
wey, rindu kawww ♥

Mama, Shasha, Boboy:
Happy Birthday Kak Uda. Buka present time! HHAAHA

Dania Marsilla:
Hey setan, happy sweet 16th birthday. 10 reasons ur d best bff i have is:
1. u r Nik Noor Ashikin
2. u r d most bombastic gul
3. u make me laugh
4. u make me cry
5. u r my soulmate
6. u own my 1/4 of my heart
7. ur so understanding
8. ur very honest
9. ur not plastic gul
10. ur straight forward
11. u are you

I ♥ u so much!

Happy Birthday nikki ku sygg..
Hope u will b hppy wif your love..
Murah2 lah rezeki kmoo u..
Succes in SPM 4 u dear..muaahhhhh..


Happy Birthday! (: -nana

Sarah Aqilah:
Hye syg.happy birthday to you..yur now sweet 16..haha.always be happy.cheerful n be a nice girl..good luck for your future syg.iloveyousomuch.mwahhhh.present? later la.hahaha..Sincerely by me, sarra..♥

Dhaniyah Ridzuan:
Happy Birthday :-)

Nur Arisyahtul Arisyah:
Happy Birthday. Sorry lambat wish kita tgh busy belik makanan ni. AHHA, nnti call balik. Happy Birthdayyyyyy!

Ohmyy! Soray bbe. Bby happy 16th birthday! God bless you and your life! Andd cherish ur day with smiles and happiness. Loveeyou!

Hidayah Azmi, Iqin Nordin, Masturah Ali & Nisha Ezzati:
"Hello Nikki, ni aku Yaya" "Haa aku tahu kenal suara pun aku tau kau Yaya, asl?" "Jap...Happy birthday to you, happy bithday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...WOOOOOOOOO, Happy birthday Nikki kita org syg kau. Happy birthday Nikki Muahhhhhh HAHHAHAH" Well, they were at De'Palma Hotel and Yaya called me and they sang the song for me. HIHI they made me cry. HAHA

Fikri Hakim:
Eh sory late wish frnd.i fever plus sakit perot gastric kot and jst topup. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.have a blast.hope happy on your day.once again happy birthday nikki.

Nik Noor Farah:
We chattered about what tahh. Then at the end of the call she said "Kin, aku tahu kau nk dgr benda ni. Happy Birthdayyyyyy!" Thank you thank you

Comel. selamat hari jadi ye :-) Haha. hari ni mood kena baik.birthday long as im remember my lil birthday kan.

Nikki! Happy Birthday. Sweet 16. Wish you all the best :-) Love ya always. xo_Laila Amerah

Happy Birthday Nikki darling!! Stay happy forever.. Haha.. Tapi ada bad news. Hari ni piano class xleh tukar.. teacher kita free ptg ni ngan pagi esok je. N esok awal2 pagi kita dh pergi Lumut.. So so sorry syg.. Another day k? Jgn risau, present awk ada ngan kite.. Haha.. Hv fun tau.. =)

Kak Miera Zamree:
Nikki happy birthdayyyy (: may god bless you. Good luck whatever you do okay? :). Stay with beloved boyF. :) xx again happy birthdayyy.

Nadhirah SESERI:
Salam..nikki, hopefully its not too late to wish u happy birthday.. may allah bless u n all the best in spm n enjoy ur life...dont 4get allah...k


About 305 of my FB friends wished me. Thank you so much guys. Sorry for the late respond, Been busy. I want my present, HIHI xx Love you all mwah mwah xoxo

Happy Birthday. Nah amik RM50 pergi beli tudung for hadiah
**-'- thafak?!

So there were the wishes that I got on the first day of my Birthday Day. Im so happy cause there were lot of people wished me. Tomorrow (Thurday) is goin' to be a busy day for me. Thanks guys, I love you guys, xoxo

With Love,
Nikki Zamri