Friday, September 21, 2012

Hey dude, now I'm hesitating about you!

Hey A. You know who you are. And guess what? You messed up everythng. And so do I. I just dont understand why I'm so wrong in your eyes? And how could you made me feel somethng worst if you said you do love me? Are those just a word or you really meant it? Well, before I make my move, please control yourself. I have feelings too. I have my own jealousy but why I dont show it? Cause I just want to be happy when I'm with you. You're always there for me but I dont see it anymore. Dont be selfish, you know I'm socialize and I will change just in a second. But I cant leave my friends. They helped me a lot. You have to know that, even my mom knows them so why dont you? Just put a little trust on me. Stop all of this crap! Before I dont give a damn about us anymore. I'm crying and torturing myself again.. Thanks
With Love, Nikki Zamri.

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