Sunday, May 6, 2012


Ok, today I’ve planned to stay at home to do the chores cause there’s a lot of stuff I have to clean up. Out of sudden Mama said that I have to go no matter what. And you know that I wouldn’t against her cause I don’t want her to hurt. So I just follow her and now we’re in Perak. Well, I meet this two photographer guys. Not so handsome but just so-so :p They seems like wanna talk to me, but the problem is ME. Too swaggggg! HAHA, and we stayed in the same home that being sponsored by Mama’s friend. This late night, I did have a talk with one of them. He taught me about this Mac things and I think he’s cool. But I adore his friend, cause he was like so not-cool. HAHA, well. I managed to get this guy’s Facebook and name :p See, I’m lucky. There’s always something for me when I didn’t against my mom. Thank you Allah, I love you.
With Love, Nikki Zamri.

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