Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Month of Working at GUESS, KLCC

Ok this is going to be sad with no tears. HIHI 30th April 2012 was my last day of working, and guys! I hate it and in a same time I'm happy cause I can enjoy relaxing myself at home while doing some stupid chores -'- hihihihi The girl is Kak Farah and I will miss her and K.Hana so much. Will looking forward to meet you guys k, hihihi. Too good to be truth, the money that I get wasn't enough because I'm just a part-time so therefore there's no commision for me. Hope you guys understands :p The superviser said that I can call them anytime when I'm having my sem-break and there I have no worries anymore. HIHIHI ok y'all choww xx
With Love, Nikki Zamri.

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