Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just let it be like this

Well, after what I’ve had gone through this couple of months, I think that we should just be like this. Although there is a lot of question in my mind, but never mind. I don’t want to disturb my studies and life. So I just keep on going with my life. It’s up to you now. I just think that I need someone else that is much better cause Allah did respond to my pray about giving me a sign if you’re not good enough for me. And I got the answer. So just accept the reality ok? Sorry. And now, you can replace me with someone already, I know who is she, and stop lying ok? Stop with the lying. It hurts a lot of people and the one that you loves. Just take a good care of her, don’t let her feel what I’ve felt nowadays. Keep your words ok? I will take a step and leave you alone. After this, there is no turning back. Hope you wont regret with what you had chose. I just not ready to find someone although there are a lot of good, charming, sweet and matured guys come to me, and they really appreciate me, but I just want someone that can change me to be a better person. Let my love soul come by itself. Don’t worry, I know my promises and I broke it right now. Same goes to you. So I’ll find someone, one day and don’t know when. AHHA, it’s ok. Big girls don’t cry :D I’m a strong person who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up, turning back, despair and tears. I’m a strong person who knows to say ok although there is a tears in my eyes, oh-yeahhhhh, looking to the brighter sight, keep moving on, I’m fine, and always with the smile. Losing is not my option. So however you hurt me so badly and you’ve tortured my feelings, I’ll rise up and make you regret of what had happened. That is so me! Thank you.

With Love,
Nikki Zamri.

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