Sunday, June 26, 2011

You're such a heartbreaker

Yeah, first of all I just can’t believe what had happened to me. Now, I’m just tired with all the bullshit that you said. You and the other guys are just the same. I’m just tired to treat you well, no wonder the ladies will never stay with you. You can just take a step and heading to Rara ok? Don’t worry about me cause I ain’t care about you anymore. I can’t love you anymore like those days. Don’t think that you’re a man you can do whatever you like cause this is what will happen. Don’t call me “Baby, Sayang, Manja or else” anymore cause you’ve already no longer in my heart. Get lost from my world! Haishhh, what for you missed me so badly? Now you miss me? How bout before this? Oh totally forgot, you have someone that replaced me in your heart right? HAHA, so loser man! After all I’ve been lied with the man that I truly love him and trust him by said that he’s working and busy with the works, the company was new so busylah, and so on. But what did I get? A heartless person that is worst than that! I just cant believe what had you done till today. I won’t cry because of boys, but I will cry because of the pain in my heart. Make yourself clear please, thank you.

With Love,
Nikki Zamri.

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