Friday, July 16, 2010

11072010 Rock That Ass

Ok, on this date my sister, her boyf, my love and I went to Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch the Wow! * padahal Cheerleading Competition :D Well, not that bad. Atleast, it is still entertained us. Congrats Cyrens ! At 3pm somethng I guess, I met this 'perasan' buddy named AfizDanial. HAHA, jgn marah ye Afiz, AHHA. He's not bad actually, in the FB, he looks not that good. AHAH, but in the reality he is babyh! But dont get this wrong ok? We're just friend. Closefriends lah. He's still single and searching for a woman. HHA, want to know him? Roger2 me ok? Enough bout him. Here comes to my story. Shasha and Hafiz on that day like seriously in love. HAHA, but they cant compete Amai and me. AHAH, we're still in love. 'Korang baru je couple en? Aku and Amai dh lama lah.' Acehhh, a bit show-Off here! The CheerComp seriously not so cool like those years. But what can I do, just enjoy what they performed lah =''= erm, after that we went to Keramat to have our tea. Hungry lahhh, HAHA. Quite cheap and worth lah :D At night, Onne came to our house and lepak lepaking with us. HAHA, serious he changed a lot. bapak keding doh. Ambil Ganja apa?! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh ! he more funnier than we know him as usual. Its funny to spent our time with him on that day when he read out loud the paper. HAHA, its a big secret between Hafiz, Amai, me and Onne. Ok then its getting late already and Amai had to blast-off to his house. Mummy little boy :DD At 9pm Onne and Hafiz bbye me and Shasha. Shasha started to tears. AHHA, cause her beloved comel comel boyf had to bbye her, sob sob. * kalau korg prcaya mmg bodoh! AHAH, but she started to miss him already :D Well, i think thats all for now. Later I will, post a new blog today. going off to KL. what a tired weekend I had but enjoyed me. AHA, byeee love you guys xoxo. SHOW YOUR ASS OFF BABYH!

With Love,

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