Saturday, July 10, 2010



Today is Mama's day. Happy Birthday Mama. You've been the rockest mother in the world. HAHA. Happy 45 years ladyh :DD Well, I slept late yesterday, cant sleep well cause aint sleepy :D so online the FB and talk talk with the humans. Mhm,then bout 4am in the morning I zzzz. Suddenly I woke up when my boyf called me. Haish, what a tired day lah. In the afternoon, I went to SESERI to attend the carnival. Oh gosh, I miss my friends so much. AHHA, HAPPY GILAA! But some of them are totally different and I hate it. Sorry no picture to share with you guys. Mhm,after that went to Great Eastern to buy something for my mom but I dont have enough money to buy. So I decided to buy a card. A BIG WISHING CARD. AHA, will give to her tonight. Chocos and presents too :D, hope she likes it. Now, am doing this blog and my folios. Grr, stupid folio. Give me a burden D: So am really focusing on this folio and quite busy. Maybe will post other blogs later. I mean when I am free, totally free. Thats all for now, with that and thankyou.

Lots of love,
Nikki Zamri

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