Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why is this happening again?!

" I can see there's a gap btween us now and i dont want it to become bigger. I want to own you like i used to, please i dont wanna fight about this shit again. Take a look at my every single action when its about to meet you, i always find a way right?. But now, i didnt even see a way anymore and i want you to take your turn to find at least a single way to try to meet me. I feel like we've been apart for way too long, i dont want us to end up like camy and i did. Yes this have something to do with you and amai. Im sorry maybe im too emo but i guess its about time to let you realise about this. I love you way too much bestfriend."

My dear,
Babe, sorry if you felt that. I didnt mean to do so. But you must think positive, ever I complain anything since I am 8 years old? The way you keep on asking me to come over your house and so on? No right? So please ok, think positive. I have another life too, and I hope you will understand my situation. This year is a fucking year for me, I just cant adapt to it. I need a lot of time. Every people is changing, and what keeps them not changing is their loves on the people they really loves. If you trust me that I love you, so I am still me, you still own me like you used too. And can you imagine what I feel when I received those words when I was having my AddMath class at the LabComp, and on the same time I was having my monthly period? Its hurt me a lot but as a true and bestfriends, I always forgiving you just need some time. Dont let this small shit source of our friendship to stop like you and Camy's friendship. If you are my bestfriend, this shit will never occur in your mind. But what can I say, people is not perfect. I just love you so much. No one can replace you NAA ♥ ♥

With Love,
Nikki Zamri

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