Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A skype with dumb-head! AZRULL HAHA

Azrull busy texting with random girls. He's such a player :p HAHA
His smiles are never real to me -'-
My favourite animal print. He has it too!
Saja nk buat I jealous -'-
Azrull's stupid face -'-
We're so childish man! HAHA
Boboy, Azrull and Me. Superman! :D
WATCH OUT! Azrull's syndrome is attacking him! :DD
My closest buddy! Everynight we're having our mouth-fight and for sure I win! HAHA just joking. Nnti Azrull marah. AHA well he's the best loser I've ever known! Love you buddyyyyy ♥ and girls, he's single. Want him as your boyf? Let me know k *winkwink* Saja je buli you Azrull :p
With Love, Nikki Zamri.

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