Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The truth just reveal -'-

So here we go. Last night I met K.A. A medic student from Arab. If you guys still remember I used to post an entry about him. Try to recall please :p And we've met. I drove to Cheras and met him at Tmn Connaught. OMG! He's so cute and small but for sure still taller than me -'- And this one thing had schok me so much! I've been lied all this while! Im so sadddddd! Guess what? He's 24 y/o!!!!!!!!! How shocking was that? And to be truth, I still cant believe that. HAHA he looks like a 21 y/o dude like he told me and I got a stupid surprise from him. Nice one! HAHA anyways, who the fck cares right? It'll be an experienced for me to have a friend like him. AHHA miss you K.A. p/s: selamat tak couple dgn dia AHHA
With Love, Nikki Zamri,

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