Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shopping timeeeeeee! Yabadabadoooooooo

Guess what?! Im having a shopping spree! Yeayyyy. I woke up early at 6am and I just slept for only 1hr+ That's so not cool -'- So my siblings and I went to Mama's office and at 10am we went to O.Utama and shopped like there's no tomorrow! HAHA and guess what, I spent bout RM600+ only for shirts and handbags! How bout my shoes and jeans?! Dammit i have to buy them using my own money. But heyyy, if nobody tells my mom bout this I think I dont need to use my money aite? AHA *evil laugh* Ok that's all for now love chu guys mwah mwah
With Love, Nikki Zamri.

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