Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am 16 y/o Teenage Girl lahh

Ok, today I am all alone at home. Just me, Boboy and A♥. Mama, Shasha and Farah were in Pahang to send Farah to her college. Faiz is attending his friend's openhouse at.... I dont know. So I was totally upset cause dont know what to do. After the openhouse, I just sat at home doing nothing with the two person. Playing PS3 and I ate a two bowls of maggie. Yummmy! HAHA, then I decided to lepak lepak with A ♥ at B.A with the members. But I got to wait for somebody to take care of Boboy and again I waited and waited until... "Knock Knock"! Yeahhhhh Along is at home. So I text Mama and told her everythng and I went to B.A. I was there at about 3 hours and Mama text me and asking like a police. I was so pissed off, a bit only lah. But then it was ok, I went home at 3.30am and just online the FB and Blogging. Mama, I know I am still your little girl but please realise that I'm 16 y/o already, I know what am I doing. And I try to be a good little girl for you ok? I love you no matter what happened!

With love,
Nikki Zamri

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