Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SPM results peeps -'-

So guys, the truth just revealed! I'm so depressed but at the same time I'm thankful to Allah for gave me 6A's and 3B's. That's already considered as a brilliant results to some people. But to me, I was putting too much hopes on my Physics and Chemistry. I was expecting that I can get 8A's which means my Physics and Chemistry included in that 8A's but too bad, it is not my luck. And guess what, I'm goin to recheck it back who knows it's my luck to get A so that I can apply my scholarchip easily. Just like a piece of cake haaa :p So, just wanna drop to say that please pray for my Physics and Chemistry will be A-. Aminnnnnn xoxo

With Love,
Nikki Zamri.

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