Thursday, March 15, 2012

WAR between us!

I admit it was my fault to make you felt so. I'm so sorry, i didn't know it hurts you but one thing you shud know that I'll never love two people in a same time. If I in your situation, I'll feel what you feel right now. Now, truly from the bottom of my heart, I owe you a thousands of apologize. It was an in-matured mistakes and maybe I just cant control the way I'm making a new friends. To them, it was like I am in love with them, but to me, its just a friend. Not others or etc. I hate when you send those message, cause I feel that I'm too mean to you all this while. Please, I have a heart too. Dont hurt me, I'm tired of getting hurt. Enough for 1 year ago. I want to reborn and feel alive. Thank you for realizing me xx

With Love,
Nikki Zamri.

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